Webinar „We know how to produce innovatively. What about innovative sales?“

On Wednesday, March 30 at 3:00 pm, we invite you to join us for an international webinar on sales topic. Join this webinar as Andy Watt of Goldratt UK talks about a radical approach to the management of the sales function. A. Watt will share specific examples of how he has worked with companies to increase their sales capabilities up to five times.

Prior to his career as a consultant, Watt worked as a mechanical engineer for 10 years and held various leadership positions in UK aerospace and defense companies. Since 2000, he has worked for Goldratt UK, which he acquired in 2007, and now advises manufacturing companies in various European countries on TOC (Theory of Constrains) issues. Two years ago A. Watt’s company, together with his partner dr. Tomas Karpavičius, started its operations in Lithuania.

Find out how to build a scalable process by restructuring your sales team to not only increase the number of sales interactions and opportunities, but increase the speed of flow from lead to sale as well.

The event is organized by Manufacturing Innovation Valley. Duration of the webinar: 1 hour.

Registration for the webinar is here: