Laboratories and equipment

Our laboratories located in Vilnius and Kaunas:

This lab was established by Lithuanian company “IN RE”, which helps companies in the Industry 4.0 and Construction 4.0 markets to adopt and effectively use the world’s leading innovative digital platforms for design, manufacture and product lifecycle maintenance.

“IN RE” develops 3D EXPERIENCE Works EXCELLENCE CENTER at Manuvalley together with Global Corporation “Dassault Systèmes”. The Virtual Twin Lab will be the Education and Training Center, the Simulation and Virtual Twin Lab.

It will be a lighthouse for 3DEXPERIENCE technologies in the region:

    • The Showroom to demonstrate the Capabilities of the Platform;
    • The Playground for Startups and Entrepreneurs;
    • The Sandbox for Proofs of Concepts of Innovations;
    •  Virtual Prototyping Consulting;
    •  Educating & Teaching.


Dr. Arūnas Urbšys, Projects Development Director, Ph. +370 655 55975, [email protected], Nalšios str. 11, Vilnius,,


This lab was established by international company “BaltLED”, designing and producing LED value solutions for signage and industrial lighting applications all over Europe and other continents. Has in house R&D department and performs manufacturing (LED modules, LED luminaires).


  • Thermal cycling chamber;
  • Thermal camera;
  • Microscope with a digital camera;
  • Goniophotometer;
  • Spectroradiometer;
  • FDM 3D printer;
  • SLA 3D printer;
  • SLS 3D printer;
  • Laboratory DC power supply;
  • Laboratory AC power supply;
  • ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters;
  • Oscilloscope;
  • Digital lux meter;
  • Digital temperature measuring device;
  • Soldering station;
  • Soldering hot plate;
  • Pick and place machine for small production;
  • Power supply testing station.


  • Digital photos (using Microscope zoom x5, x10, x20 x50, x100);
  • Live video, photos, video, and data analysis (using Thermal camera);
  • Light distribution, photos, analysis (using ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters);
  • Temperature conditions simulation from -50°C to 120°C (using thermal cycling chamber);
  • Measuring luminous flux per unit of area (using Digital lux meter);
  • Displaying and analyzing the waveform of electronic signals (using Oscilloscope);
  • Temperature measurements up to 8 points (using Digital temperature measuring device);
  • Adjustable voltage up to 60 volts and 6 amps (using Laboratory DC power supply);
  • Adjustable frequency and voltage (using Laboratory AC power supply);
  • Measuring the light emitted from an object at different angles (using Goniophotometer);
  • Measuring both the wavelength and amplitude of the light emitted from a light source (using Spectroradiometer);
  • 3D printing from PLA, PETG plastic, resin and PA12 plastic;
  • Testing power supplies;
  • PCB assembly.


Darius Radžiūnas, Lab specialist, Phone +370 612 93027, [email protected]Nalšios str. 11, Vilnius,



 This lab was established by Lithuanian digital and robotics solutions company JSC “Smart Innovations”, coordinator of Manuvalley, which is a concept developer and PoC developer, provides support for integrators, focuses on technology solutions and digital innovation consultations. 


  • We digitalize and automate manufacturing and technological processes;
  • We make manufacturing methods more efficient;
  • We apply the „Test before Invest“ concept.


  • Robotics;
  • Machine Vision;
  • AR/VR;
  • Collection and integration of data in manufacturing.


  • Concept development;
  • Concept testing;
  • Manufacturing of mock-ups;
  • Manufacturing of prototypes;
  • Process simulations (prototype demonstration).


  • FANUC robots (CRX 10ia/10L, LRmate 200ID 7L, M710iC/70, R2000iB/270L, M900iB/700);
  • Robot grippers: Onrobot RG6, 2FGP20 palletizing gripper;
  • Soldering station, additional soldering tools;
  • Oscilloscope, multimeters, laser meters;
  • Mixed reality glasses (Microsoft Hololens 2);
  • Stereo camera set (DVXplorer);
  • 3D printer (Anycubic Photon SLA);
  • Welding equipment;
  • Combined lathes;
  • Manipulator robots: reach 700 mm-3650 mm, lifting 7-700 kg;
  • Peripheral equipment: conveyors, measurement and navigation systems, OnRobots grippers, various sensors;
  • Computer vision equipment: 2D and 3D vision, inivation technologies, smart cameras with AI, Hololens2, HP VR;
  • Software: CAD, AI machine vision, Process simulation programmes.


Rolandas Lepardinas, CTIO, Tel. +370 687 100 87, E-mail [email protected],

The laboratory was established by JSC KEMEK Engineering, which specializes in the production of industrial robotic applications, the design and manufacture of custom production and assembly lines, the production of a variety of original automation lines.


  •  Industrial robots,
  • automation systems,
  • machine vision,
  • industrial weighing equipment,
  • industrial labelling,
  • contamination tracking,
  • laboratory equipment,
  • precast concrete production equipment.


  • system design,
  • manufacturing,
  • commissioning,
  • project management,
  • software production,
  • control cabinet assembly,
  • periodic metrological inspections.


Saulius Kargaudas, [email protected], +370 699 39673

This lab was established by company MB „GNP“, which specializes in precision parts and prototypes production with CNC machining centers. The company employs engineers with 10 years of experience in the field of metal processing and production management, so we can offer the highest level of consultations and services.


  • Doosan DNM 5700 cnc milling machine with 5 axis table;
  • Doosan SVM 4100 cnc milling machine with 5 axis table;
  • Ultrasound cleaning equipment;
  • Band saw.


  •  Production of precise parts and prototypes from metals, alloys and composites (accuracy up to 0.005mm);
  • Turning, grinding, sandblasting, anodizing, passivation and various coatings services, performed together with partners.


 Giedrius Žibas, email [email protected], phone +370 670 00885, Nalšios str.11, Vilnius  

This lab was established by company „Sprana“, company are experts in applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) providing Process Analytical Instrumentation (PAI) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line analysis and monitoring of industrial processes (product streams).


  • Perkin Elmer Lamda 1050 UV/VIS/NIR laboratory grade spectrometer.


  •  We are experts in applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) providing Process Analytical Instrumentation (PAI) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line analysis and monitoring of industrial processes (product streams).
  • Research and development of new analytical instrumentation and solutions along with multivariate calibration is an integral part of our business.


Ricardas Razgaitis, Business Development Manager, Email: [email protected]Mob.: +370 640 04521,

This lab was established by company UAB „Technoprojektai“ (Micromolds), which specializes in plastic micromolding. Micromolds disrupt traditional injection molding with micro-molding technology by molding small parts 2x faster and 2x cheaper.


  •  Babyplast injection molding machines;
  • CNC milling.


  •  Mold making;
  • Injection molding;
  • Tool design;
  • DFM.


UAB „Technoprojektai“ (Micromolds);

Nalšios g. 11, Vilnius, Lietuva, 14332

[email protected]; +37060642236,

This lab was established by Lithuanian company “ATRI”, specializing in developing, manufacturing, supplying thermal imagers, and military surveillance systems. Over 10 years of experience in the development and production of electro-optical devices and integrated surveillance systems for homeland security and defense applications. 


  • Rugged Embedded Optical Systems Design and Programming;
  • Schematic diagrams and PCB design;
  • PCB 3D modeling;
  • FPGA programming and IP kernel design;
  • JTAG-testing and microcircuit programming;
  • Mechanical design;
  • Real-Time Video Processing Algorithms;
  • Real-time Video Fusion;
  • 3D-printing.


  • DVE System for armoured platform;
  • LSA system radar integrated for fixed installation.


Denis Zapadinski, CTO, ATRI, UAB, TO SEE THE TRUTH, Thermal imagers and surveillance systems, Manufacturing Innovation Valley, Nalšios str. 11, Block 10, Vilnius, 14332, Lithuania. Phone: +37068404605, E-mail: [email protected] 

This lab was established by company “Precizika Metrology”, which specializes in design and production of metrological equipment – rotary, angle, linear encoders and optical encoder gratings. In addition to this, we provide geometrical measurements and their automation using high precision coordinate measuring principles.


Intended for the precise measurement of geometric parameters (deviations of dimensions, shape and mutual position of surfaces) of various types of complex configurations and surfaces, large-dimension parts and compounds.

The main equipment:

  • Stationary automatic coordinate measuring machine for measuring the geometrical parameters of small and medium-sized precision parts (housings, shafts, parts with various and special spatially shaped surfaces, etc.).
  • Hand-operated portable (transportable) coordinate measuring machine for measuring the geometrical parameters of large dimensions and mass parts.

In both cases, the measurement results are processed automatically, and a protocol for the graphical representation of nominal dimensions, permissible and actual deviations, and the shape of nominal and actual surfaces is provided.


– consultation on production automation using CMM;

– coordinate measurement services;

– installation, calibration of coordinate measuring machines;

– training of operators of coordinate measurements;

– consultations on complex coordinate measurements, assistance in preparing measurement programs.


 Andrius Cistovas, [email protected], Zirmunu str. 139, Vilnius, Lithuania.
+370 (5) 236 3606,


This lab was established by company „ELINTA“,whose group of companies specializes in the design and production of industrial robotization, product quality control systems and digital 3D scanners. Innovative solutions in the field of electric transport are also developed, and automation electrical engineering and measuring equipment of the most famous manufacturers are sold.


  • CNC 4-axis milling center;
  • 3D printer;
  • CNC 3-axis milling center;
  • CNC combined lathes;
  • Band saw for workpieces;
  • Laser cutting machine;
  • Bending machine;
  • Circular saw with precision ruler;
  • Pipe bending machine;
  • Manual drilling machine;
  • Belt grinding machine;
  • Rolling machine.


  • Development, manufacturing, checking and testing of mechanical parts of digital 3D scanner concepts, models and prototypes, including scanning heads, drives and structural elements. Manufacturing the mechanical part of their pilot series, reliability testing of drives and other mechanical elements
  • Development, production, testing of layouts and prototypes of individual mechanical elements for automated computer vision systems
  • Creation of individual elements of a robotic and/or automated production line and production of models and prototypes: grippers, holders, positioning systems, parts accumulators, parts feeding units, elements of conveyors and other transportation systems, assembly positions, 2D and 3D imaging systems
  • Creation, production, testing of models and prototypes of mechanical components of electric transport drives (engine, frequency converter, control computers, battery boxes)
  • Also, our specialists will always advise when performing work related to the creation, production or testing of a mechanical part and will help to produce a mock-up, prototype or test series.


Mechanical engineer Kostas Mažonas, e-mail [email protected], Terminalo str. 3, Biruliškių village, Karmėlavas sen. (Kaunas FEZ), LT-54469 Kaunas district, Tel. +370 37 351 987,

The laboratory was established by the Printing and Production technology department of “Biznio Mašinų kompanija”, which specializes in digital printing presses and automated post press equipment for the production of high-quality print, as well as CNC cutting and milling machines of various formats. In the Manufacturing Innovation Valley, we help you understand and apply various technologies and innovations in manufacturing. We provide access to equipment with customer-specific materials, prototyping functions, help to develop specialized products, and share competences and advanced manufacturing technologies.


  • Xerox digital printing presses;
  • Automated post press equipment: EBA guillotines, Uchida and Vulcan cutters, Plockmatic/Morgana folding/creasing equipment, laminators, stapling and booklet making equipment, PUR gluing machines and etc;
  • Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems CNC automatic multicutters and MultiCam milling machines;
  • Widinovations lasers for cutting, engraving and welding.


  • Consultancy on technological and production automation process;
  • Installation and maintenance services for printing and production machinery;
  • Direct equipment financing. 


Mindaugas Bačiulis, [email protected], +37061620050. More info

This lab was established by company „Brolis Sensor Technology“, which specializes in the creation and development of the world’s finest infrared laser products, spanning from near-infrared to mid-infrared. BROLIS key technology encompasses in-house material synthesis of advanced III-V semiconductor materials, chip design, hybrid integration with silicon photonics, application development of transdermal sensing, agriculture and industrial sensing as well as full electro-optic system design and assembly to complete qualification for the most advanced applications.


  •  In-line milk analyzers for dairy farm.
  • Providing R&D services and support for photonic components to industrial customers, enabling the development of light emitters and detectors beyond the telecom sector. These components are based on the antimonide material platform.


Donatas Majus, [email protected],  +370 660 90020,


This lab was established by company „MB Diodela“, which specializes in the production of laser welding and laser cleaning systems.

Diodela is a Photonics solutions provider for Industry. Diodela was originally founded as a spin-off from the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). Using FTMC developed and exclusively licensed laser technology our company produces Industrial laser systems for laser welding, cleaning, and other photonics-based material processing. Due to close collaboration with laser science centers and vast experience in photonics, Diodela team is able to build innovative and precise laser systems that meet all Industrial needs.


  •  Laser Welding systems. Laser welding is an effective solution for industrial processes that will help to achieve strong and aesthetic welds using fewer resources. Laser welding creates monolithic joints without filler metal, reach welding speed up to 5 m/min., and achieve consistent results.
  • Laser Cleaning systems.  Laser cleaning can remove both deep or thin layers of paint, oil, rust and other coatings without any affect for substrate. Laser cleaning is more effective, economical and sustainable solution compared to conventional technologies such as sand blasting, dry ice or chemical cleaning. No chemicals or abrasives are used in this process.


  •  Laser welding;
  • Laser cleaning.


 Eimantas Zopelis, [email protected], +370 638 37404,


This lab was established by company „Elteros projektai“, which specializes in automation of processes and utility systems of buildings.


  •  Automation control cabinets assembly equipment.


  • System or product design;
  • Manufacture of control automation equipment (control panels, electronic products);
  • Installation of control automation equipment in facilities;
  • Controller programming work;
  • Developing/implementing a Building Control system (BMS);
  • Start-up of the installed system – adjustment and subsequent servicing;
  • Custom automation work in accordance with company’s requirements.


 Ignas Naprys [email protected] 860811947

This lab was established by company „Integrated Optics“, which specializes in CNC machining for prototyping and serial manufacturing of laser housing, various types of holders of components and baseplates. The Optomechanics lab emerged from the need of having shorter lead times for mechanical prototypes at low quantities. Laser and robotics development requires fast iterations of precision parts. This is why in 2015 we have chosen the fastest on the market Fanuc Robodrill CNC machines and started this division within „Integrated Optics“.


  •  Nowadays this division operates 3 CNC milling and 1 CNC turning machines.


  • CNC machining for prototyping and serial manufacturing of laser housing, various types of holders of components and baseplates


Steponas Žemaitis, [email protected] , +370 696 28701,

The laboratory was founded by LOKMIS, which offers its customers various test, measurement and analysis equipment, systems and integrated solutions for ionizing radiation detection, non-destructive control, radiological characterization of radioactive waste, radioecological and radiation safety monitoring, environmental protection, calibration, various experimental laboratories, for both stationary and mobile laboratories in the fields of chemical analysis and telecommunications and electronics.

LOKMIS also offers the development of nuclear industry and environmental protection development methods and methodologies, consulting in the fields of environmental protection, radiation protection and radioactive waste characterization, as well as analysis and scientific research in these fields. Our main products are mobile laboratories combining different technologies and components tailored to specific customer needs.

The qualified and experienced team of LOKMIS has gained a positive reputation among Lithuanian and foreign partners, developing waste measurement methods, using modern high-tech devices for high sensitivity and precision analysis, providing ongoing engineering and consulting support in waste characterization and classification projects, including unique software product development.

The experience and reputation of LOKMIS allows us to attract reliable organizations and partners from Lithuania and abroad in order to achieve the set goals in the most effective and efficient way.

During its existence, the company has proven its potential and exceptional competence in the implementation of projects financed by the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the EU PHARE program and other donors, providing consulting services and implementing engineering solutions.


Šiuo metu pas mus veikia šios laboratorijos:

  • Virtuali dvynių laboratorija

Laboratoriją vysto inžinerinių sprendimų kompanija UAB „IN RE“, sukūrusi šiai laboratorijai specialų prekinį ženklą „3DEXPERIENCE Works EXCELLENCE CENTER“ bendradarbiaujant su tarptautiniu partneriu „Dassault Systèmes“.

Vystoma analogų Baltijos šalyse neturinti laboratorija, kurioje veikia švietimo bei mokymo centras, simuliacijų ir virtuali dvynių laboratorija. Atsiveria virtuali platforma demonstruoti, testuoti ir skatinti skaitmenines inovacijas gamybos pramonei. Tai puiki vieta startuoliams, inovatoriams ir technologijų kūrėjams išbandyti savo koncepcijas, kurti prototipus, diegtis inovacijas.

  • Optoelektonikos laboratorija

Laboratoriją įsteigė tarptautinė kompanija „BaltLED“, kurianti, projektuojanti ir gaminanti LED apšvietimo sprendimus iškaboms ir pramoniniam apšvietimui visoje Europoje ir kituose žemynuose.

  • Robotikos ir skaitmeninimo laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė robotikos ir skaitmeninių sprendimų kompanija UAB „Pažangios inovacijos“, kuri yra Gamybos inovacijų slėnio koordinatorė. Teikiamos paslaugos: robotikos sprendimai, kompiuterinės regos sprendimai, prototipavimas ir PoC, AR/VR sprendimai.

  • Robotų ir automatizacijos laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė UAB „Kemek Engineering“, kuri specializuojasi pramonės automatizavimo srityje, turinti biurus Lietuvoje, Latvijoje, Estijoje ir Rusijoje. Kompanija yra viena pirmaujančių aukštos kokybės pramoninės įrangos platintojų Baltijos šalyse, turinti platų gaminių asortimentą bei pilną įrangos pritaikymo ir priežiūros paslaugą.

  • CNC apdirbimo laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė startuolis MB „GNP“, kuris dirba metalo apdirbimo pramonės srityje, jų sukaupta patirtis leidžia gaminti tikslias detales, paruošti rinkai CNC operatorius ir konsultuoti kitas šio sektoriaus įmones. Įmonė taip pat siūlo greitą prototipų gamybą.

  • Procesų analitikos laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė UAB „SPRANA“, kuri yra taikomosios molekulinės spektroskopijos (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) ir vaizdo atpažinimo (angl. „Machine vision“) technologijų ekspertai, teikiantys procesų analitinių technologijų (PAT) sprendimus.

Įmonės veikla apima spektroskopinių ir vaizdo stebėjimo / atpažinimo analitinių instrumentų ir kalibracinių metodų kūrimą bei vystymą, taip pat mokslinius tyrimus šiose srityse. Pagrindinė specializacijos sritis – pritaikyti technologinius metodus pramoniniams procesams / srautams (kiekybiškai, kokybiškai) analizuoti ir produkcijos kokybei kontroliuoti.

  • Mikro liejimo ir pridėtinės gamybos laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė inovatyvus startuolis „Mircromolds℠“ (UAB „TECHNOPROJEKTAI), kuri dirba plastiko liejimo pramonėje bei atrado naujų galimybių, kaip panaudoti nišinę mikroliejimo technologiją ir tokiu būdu įsitraukė  į Europos rinką.

  • Optoelektronikos: termovizorių ir stebėjimo sistemų skaitmeninė laboratorija

Šią laboratoriją įsteigė UAB „ATRI“, Lietuvos gynybos technologijų įmonė, kuri specializuojasi termovizorių ir stebėjimo sistemų kūrime, gamyboje ir tiekime.


Laboratorijose yra gamybai reikalinga įranga:

  • CNC machines;
  • 3D printing equipment;
  • industrial robots and peripherals;
  • mobile robots;
  • process simulation software;
  • CAD design equipment;
  • technological equipment for computer vision solutions;
  • laser cutting machines;
  • plastic molding machines;
  • automation, controller programming equipment;
  • metrological equipment;
  • welding equipment;
  • various prototype test benches;
  • forklifts;
  • assembly tool benches.