About us

Gamybos inovacijų slėnis yra skaitmeninių inovacijų centras, unikali ir pirmoji Baltijos regione inovacijų erdvė gamybos įmonėms.  Tai platforma gamintojams, startuoliams, technologijų kūrėjams ir tyrėjams vystyti gamybos veiklas, kurti skaitmenines inovacijas, prototipus ar testuoti inovatyvias idėjas.

As leading DIH we provide services for our ecosystem members: innovation consulting (attracting funding opportunities), innovation support (infrastructure), technological solutions, reskilling and upskilling, networking in Lithuania and abroad.

The valley is developed and the activities of the ecosystem are coordinated by the digital and robotic solutions company "Smart innovations". 

We have considered what is the most important for manufacturing and technological enterprises:

The Centre is home to technology companies that work together to create digital innovations and provide a range of technology advice and services to businesses

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"ManuFuture 2030" orientated labs

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In house equipment neededfor prototyping and small-sale manufacture. They are available for all the employees and/or persons who are part of the ecosystem of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley

Ask us which facilities would be the most suitable for you by emailing us at
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