Half of the manufacturing labs in Manufacturing Innovation Valley are already reserved

Gamybos inovacijų slėnio pastate rezervuotos jau nei pusė gamybos laboratorijų

Half of the manufacturing laboratories to be set up in Manufacturing Innovation Valley for innovative manufacturers have already been reserved and will house UAB BaltLed, UAB Sprana, UAB Kemek Engineering, and UAB Opeksas operating under the 3D Bonum brand. There will also be a prototyping laboratory to be operated by UAB Pažangios inovacijos.

Manufacturing Innovation Valley is a unique project both in Lithuania and in the Baltics. The 5,000 m2 building to be opened on the Molėtai highway in Vilnius in May next year will house manufacturing laboratories to be set up in line with the European Union’s ManuFuture 2030 industrial strategy. 

The optoelectronic laboratory will be operated by UAB BaltLed, one of the largest developers of LED lighting solutions in the Baltics. Through innovation and light research, the company has established itself as a developer of future LED systems, with its energy-saving and sustainable lighting solutions one step ahead of other companies in the sector. 

UAB Sprana operates in the fields of applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) and computer vision. The company offers process analysis technology (PAT) solutions for the analysis and monitoring of industrial processes. Research, development and multidimensional calibration of new analytical instruments and solutions are an integral part of its business. This company will run an industrial analytics laboratory. 

The automation laboratory will be operated by UAB KEMEK Engineering, one of the leaders in the Baltic, European and CIS countries in implementing customised and original mechatronics and robotics solutions in the fields of automation and manufacturing process management. KEMEK has been installing and servicing a wide range of world-class equipment for industrial companies for 30 years already.

The additive manufacturing laboratory will be operated by 3D Bonum, an official distributor of market-leading 3D printing and 3D scanning services and solutions in the Baltic States. The company provides both the necessary equipment and materials, as well as advice on the application and implementation of 3D technologies. Gintaras Vilda, CEO of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley, says: “We are pleased that more and more Lithuanian companies trust in our vision to create a centre for innovation in manufacturing. Some companies will operate manufacturing labs, others will operate through our Cluster of Manufacturing Innovators. We are building an ecosystem where innovative companies will be able to try, improve and test.