CEO of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley attends European Technology Platform meeting

„ManuFuture“ Gintaras Vilda |

The meeting of the European Technology Platform ManuFuture focused on platform-based business trends, an overview of Industry 5.0, and a presentation of the achievements of individual working groups. The meeting was attended by Mr Gintaras Vilda, the CEO of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley, who is a member of three ManuFuture working groups and the head of one sub-platform working group.

Mr Vilda is a member of the Strengthen Downstream Links, Innovation Infrastructures and Eco-Systems, and State Aid in the Scope of Research and Innovation working groups. Mr Vilda also heads the Skills and Education working group of the Bio-Intelligent Manufacturing sub-platform. The main goal of all these groups is to promote cooperation among industry ecosystems and to seek common solutions to relevant issues affecting European industry.

“It is very important for Lithuanian business and research institutions to integrate into the European structures as much as possible. This will help us build on our competencies and become a country of technology developers and not just users. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for us to gain a reputation in the international arena and thus grow our business and attract talented employees and researchers. Ultimately, the knowledge of EU policies and trends helps us to be first to get on the innovation train and benefit from EU financial support for innovation leaders,” Mr Vilda said in a comment on his activities in ManuFuture.

The European Technology Platform ManuFuture was set up to address the EU industry-wide challenges of increasing competitiveness. It brings together all stakeholders concerned with industrial competitiveness: EU institutions, business organisations, science and education institutions. The platform primarily aims to increase industrial competitiveness through research and innovation and the timely development of new knowledge-based manufacturing technologies and systems, as well as ensuring leadership in industrial technology and promoting environmentally-friendly and efficient manufacturing.