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The modern eco-friendly complex with manufacturing and administrative premises totalling 5,000 m² will be opened close to the Molėtai Highway in Vilnius at the beginning of 2022. Its facilities will be available both, for the ones in need of 1 work place, as well as for the manufacturing enterprises that need 200–600 m² space for work.

We have considered what is the most important for manufacturing and technological enterprises:

  • Convenient access for HGVs
  • Wide gates
  • High ceiling (manufacturing laboratories of 6,5-meter height)
  • Compressed-air compressor room
  • Infrastructure prepared for work: electric power supply, water, conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, and charging stations for electromobiles

The laboratories in the following fields of ManuFuture 2030 will be operating: robotics and integrated automatic systems, optic electronics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics, environmental control, mechanical processing, artificial intellect, computer vision, etc.

The equipment neededfor prototyping and small-sale manufacture will be present in the building. It will be available for all the employees and/or persons who are part of the ecosystem of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley.

There will also be a clean room in the building for use in electronics or the medical industry, as well as the premises intended for work with especially confidential information.

It is possible to adjust the internal spaces for individual needs during the construction period until the end of 2021.

Ask us which facilities would be the most suitable for you by emailing us at