Nuo 2022 m. liepos mėn. Vilniuje, greta Molėtų plento, jau atidarytas itin modernus 5000 gamybos ir administracinių patalpų pastatas. Jame pradeda veikti Europos Sąjungos pramonės strategijos „ManuFuture 2030“ kryptis atitinkančios gamybos inovacijų laboratorijos. 

We invite you to set up your own R&D laboratory and be a member of our manufacturing innovation community. Please contact us: [email protected].

From year 2022 a modern manufacturing and administrative building of 5,000 m² was opened in Vilnius, next to Moletai Highway. In this building the manufacturing innovation laboratories are operated in line with the European Union's industrial strategy "ManuFuture 2030".

We invite you to set up your R&D laboratory and become a member of our manufacturing innovation ecosystem.

Currently, we still have free available labs! Please contact us: [email protected]

We have considered what is the most important for manufacturing and technological enterprises:

  • Convenient access for HGVs;
  • Wide gates;
  • High ceiling (manufacturing laboratories of 6,5-meter height);
  • Compressed-air compressor room;
  • Infrastructure prepared for work: electric power supply, water, conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, and charging stations for electro mobiles.

Čia veikia „ManuFuture 2030“ krypčių laboratorijos: robotikos ir integruotų automatinių sistemų, optoelektronikos, pridėtinės gamybos, mechatronikos, aplinkos kontroliavimo, mechaninio apdirbimo, dirbtinio intelekto, kompiuterinės regos ir kitos.

The building has a space for prototyping and small-series equipment needed, which is available to everyone who works here and/or is part of the Manuvalley ecosystem.

There will also be a clean room in the building, as well as the premises intended for work with especially confidential information.

It is possible to adjust the internal spaces for individual needs.

Ask us which facilities would be the most suitable for you by emailing us at
[email protected].